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Shirley Valentine is travelling, the character from Liverpool to Corfu and the play from Blackheath to Darlinghurst. After a season in Blackheath last December, Theatre Mamusidom is taking the play to Darlinghurst in June. 


Theatre Mamusidom is excited to present its latest offering, Shirley Valentine, a heartwarming, funny and, at times, poignant play in which Shirley struggles to find her lost identity and desire for fulfilment. The play examines issues such as loneliness, conformity, gender roles and expectations. When she is given a ticket for a fortnight's holiday in Greece, Shirley embarks on a journey, both literally and metaphorically and, in doing so, tastes liberation and self-discovery.


Performance dates and times

Saturday 8th June - 7.30pm,

Sunday 9th June - 3pm

Friday 21st June 7.30p,

Saturday 22 June 7.30  pm

Sunday 23 June pm

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cast and technical crew

Theatre Mamusidom is seeking a sound and lighting technician for its  next production. Also needed is a female actor 45+ years 

Please ring on 0477827752 or write to Liz at

Theatre Mamusidom


about us 


Located in the upper Blue Mountains ,  Theatre Mamusidom is a newly formed vibrant company established by Liz de Koster in 2021 .

After an absence from the stage for several years owing to caring for her husband in his final years, Liz has eagerly resumed  her former acting and directing skills with the formation of Theatre Mamusidom. The aim of the company is to produce excellence in theatre in a wide spectrum of drama - from tradition to innovative, by playwrights, past and present from within Australia and abroad.

Liz explains “there is so much acting talent in the Blue Mountains and room for a companion to the Blackheath Theatre Company, of which I am an enthusiastic member and currently oversee the Local Script Development Program.”

Puzzled by the name Mamusidom?  Liz explains “my parents were Polish and it means  "Mother Home”.

Liz de Koster is the widow of the late and well-known local artist, Jose de Koster whose autobiography, "Fragments of a Journey, A Fistful of Life" Liz edited and published, extracts from which can be seen on





scenes from The Picasso Affair